Naughty, naughty!

In the 1970’s I have been collecting postcards during my visits to England. Naughty postcards! They were popular in those days and actually quite innocent according to modern standards…:-) Here are two examples.



What to do with those postcards? After I had collected a lot, I decided to create a kind of collage with them on a piece of cardboard. And what better place to hang it than in the toilet ..:-) From that time on my guests often stayed a bit longer in the toilet and came out with a big smile. When I moved to my new apartment, I forgot more or less about this “work of art” until I found it back recently and put it again in the toilet.

Toilet humor

During my last stay I decided to take pictures of the individual postcards. Here is the rest of my collection. The quality is not perfect, but they have stood the test of time (~40 years) reasonably well. Enjoy…:-)

For those of you interested in some background information, you may notice that many of the cards are signed “Pedro”. it was one of the nicknames of their creator David Philip Millar (1909-1988), master of the double entendre

3 thoughts on “Naughty, naughty!

  1. Thanks for publishing, brother. It is hard to find these images on the internet and I always enjoyed watching them sitting on your toilet (staying there longer then necessairy;-)

  2. Still popular these days, and still sold in the main seaside towns in England along with sweet rock, places like Blackpool and Brighton where peeps still go for the naughty weekend. Even in this open minded age here in England peeps are still shocked by their naughtiness, and like to have a smile and giggle. That collection is priceless.

  3. Very British and a very amusing long held tradition in UK but not without its problems. Would you believe that Donald McGill the most prolific of the saucy postcard artists was prosecuted for breaking the obscene publications act and police raided many sellers shops to seize and destroy thousands of these postcards. That was 50 years ago and I wonder what those prudish people would make of today’s publications.

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