100 days

On February 26 it was 98 days ago that Aric’s father passed away. In the Taoist religion there are several mourning ceremonies. An important one takes place after49 days, and the “100 day” ceremony marks the end of the official mourning.Food is offered to the ancestors and a suitcase is prepared with everything you may need in the afterlife. There exist special shops where you can buy clothes, foodstuff, all made from paper, cardboard etc. At the funeral ceremony itself, even a house, a car, a motorbike etc are burned.

Funeral pyre

Pyre at the funeral ceremony on 22 November 2012

Here is a collection of pictures taken during the 100 day ceremony. Note the credit card for the Otherworld Bank and the flight ticket for the Hell Airlines. After the burning of the suitcase, the roast pig is cut. Part of it is given to the village people, part of it is eaten by the family. After this closing ceremony the family can wear bright colored clothes again and visit the homes of friends.



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