My artistic sister

When you have been following my blog, you may have noticed that I have a nice family. See for example my recent report Family Gathering A disorderly bunch, my late parents called us lovingly. Here we are, in chronological order.

Only one sister, Lous, how she must have suffered in the past with five brothers..:-). During her working life she has been a teacher and counselor like me. But with an artistic streak which I completely lack 🙁

When I am back in the Netherlands, it has become a nice routine to visit her and her husband Arend in their  bungalow in Valkkoog, north of Alkmaar. During my last visit I took pictures of a number of her creations. Judge for yourself.

As you see, she is using a large number of different techniques. I am proud of her.


4 thoughts on “My artistic sister

  1. Thanks for the nice words, dear brother! I would like to add that I inherited the artistic streak from my dear mother, who, unfortunately, always was too busy with 6 children to do much with her artistic qualities.

  2. Great love to meet your sister some day… she seems to have all the talent in that area that you have to leave to Aric 😉

    You are lucky to have such a wonderful family….

  3. You are rightly proud of her! How nice to be able to express oneself with so many techniques. Thank you for the pictures of Lous’ work. They make a change from all your (artistic!) waterfalls and lovely dishes (with Limburg beer)

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