Journal 30-12-2013

One more day to go, high time to write a journal about the last weeks of 2013, so I can start 2014 with a clean slate…:-)

We went back to Sabak Bernam two times, related to the passing away of Aric’s father, 20 November last year. The Chinese calendar is lunisolar, many events follow the lunar cycle, so on 9 November this year there was a memorial ceremony. A meal for the deceased, prayers and the burning of gifts for him in the hereafter.

Ceremonial meal

Burning of gifts

The second time was at the Winter Solstice, an important solar event in the Chinese calendar. We went to the cemetery, near Bidor. Aric took a beautiful picture of the whole family around the grave


Here are a few more pics

We attended the wedding dinner of one of Aric’s cousins. In traditional style, with nine courses, cutting of the cake and yam seng singing.

Family picture

Nine courses

Of course I had several meetings with friends. Sometimes I am lazy to take pictures, but here are two. A visit to my friend Khong’s house to admire his garden and a dinner with friends of Aric in Chinese Muslim restaurant nearby our condo. Quite good food.

Meeting Khong and George

Dinner with Denise and Faresh

I made two waterfall trips with Eddie Yap. He guided us to a remote waterfall, which he had visited once before. So remote that even he, an experienced guide, could not find it back during the first trip..:-). We found a waterfall, but not the one he had in mind. It was a nice trip anyway, we had a relaxing bath in hot springs near KKB. Of course we had to come back, to find the missing fall! This time Eddie found it, a very pristine fall, access not so easy. A well hidden secret, we will keep it that way…:-)

We celebrated Christmas in the usual way, relaxing at home with a nice home-cooked dinner…:-)  Poached egg on mushroom with spinach as a starter, baked salmon with pak soy as main course, blue cheese (for me only, haha), and zabaglione with forest fruits as dessert. Cleaning the kitchen later was quite a job!


After dinner

We always create our own (digital) Christmas and New Year card. This time using the Christmas decoration in our living room. Aric used his Photoshop expertise to “clean” the picture, I added the text.



What better way to end the year than by visiting a waterfall! My Dutch friend and former colleague Dick was in Malaysia and wanted to visit a waterfall. Paul was also interested. Chiling is only open to the public during weekends, so there was a crowd. I have been there so many times now, but each time it is again a pleasure to visit this most popular waterfall in Selangor. This picture was a lucky shot, it looks as if only the two girls are there!

Chiling waterfall

We visited first the upper fall, as usual less crowded, then the lower fall. On our way back we had lunch in the WK restaurant in Ulu Yam. Here are more pictures.


A visitor from Holland

Last week Yolanda, the sister of my friend Paul, has been in Malaysia for a short holiday trip. It was her third visit, but there were still enough interesting things to see.

On Saturday 20-10 Paul and I fetched her from the airport.

She looked remarkably fresh after her 12 hour flight.







The next day Aric and I had dinner with them in our favourite seafood restaurant, near to our condo. When I am back in Amsterdam, Yolanda and I have made it a tradition to meet each other in a fashionable restaurant for an extensive (and often expensive!) dinner. This meal was a lot cheaper.

From Monday until Wednesday we made a trip to Taiping, Kuala Kangsar and the Cameron highlands. Here is the detailed report, Yolanda’s visit, October 2012

Just one picture here. In Kuala Kangsar I went for the first time inside the famous Ubudiyah mosque, after a friendly girl gave us robes to cover our “nakedness”.


This is the result. Cute? Hilarious? Judge for yourself.

Paul still looks skeptical as usual, but Yolanda has a serene,  almost saintly smile on her face.





I had asked her to bring some “stroopwafels”,as I know that my Malaysian friends love those sweet, typical Dutch delicacies. Oh, and she also brought a “fresh” Epipen from Holland, so I will feel safer now when I go jungle-trekking.

Here are two of my IKEA friends, carefully tasting a stroopwafel to find out if they like it. They did…:-)

It was a nice visit. Writing this, she is already back in Amsterdam.