Food for Body and Soul

Last week started with a concert on Sunday in the Grote Kerk of Edam. I went to a performance of the Christmas Oratory by Bach, sung by Inez and her choir. Beautiful music.The ambiance of a church is perfect for this kind of music. But you must wear warm clothes, as it was cold!

Christmas Oratorio

The Christmas Oratorio consists of six Cantatas. Here is the first Cantata, directed by Nikolas Harnoncourt, an unusual performance as all the vocal parts are sung by males. Beautiful!

After the concert I had dinner with my friend Lambert in a nice restaurant in Edam. I had  Duck Satay as a starter, followed by a Beef Entrecote. Coffee came with sweets and a small glass of liquor.

Dinner with Lambert

The next day I flew to Dublin, where Pat and Roger were waiting for me at the airport. They drove me back to Bailieborough, where their daughter Angela is living with husband John and kids Ciara and Roan. We had dinner (with my first Guinness) and then went to church again! For another kind of Christmas Oratorio…:-) Ciara and Roan were taking part in a Christmas musical, organised by their school, called “Nativity Rocks”. And rock it did!

Nativity rocks

For a detailed report  of my trip to Ireland, click here. The weather was rather dismal, although it enhanced the atmosphere of the Irish landscape.

Irish landscape

But the company was very pleasant and we had nice food.

Family dinner

When I came back to Amsterdam on Thursday, the weather was not much better. Here is a view from my living room the next morning. It was actually 21-12, the day of the predicted Mayan Apocalypse!

Apocalypse day

I visited Inez to have a drink and admire her Christmas tree.

Christmas tree

Yesterday I was invited for dinner by Nico, Paul’s brother. Interesting conversation, food for body and soul…:-)

Dinner with Nico

The weather remained awful. I came back home during a downpour. Here is  picture of me in the elevator. Look at my trousers. This is really not my favourite season.


A week full of variety.